Full Glass Partitions

Our modular walls are by far the finest in the industry. Modular walls often have a reputation for being bland and boring, but that doesn’t t have to be. Our innovative styles and designs continually challenge that stereotype.

We’ve created our walls to still come with the simplicity and efficiency that modular is famous for while also adding style and elegance. One product that truly embodies this is our modular glass walls. As you can see in the picture above, these walls look amazing!

These walls can stand alone and be used to create a bright and open area. These glass walls can also be used in conjunction with our standard wall system, as well as against an existing wall at your business.

We love the look of these glass walls so much that we use them at our facility. That picture you see above is from our Orange, CA office. It makes up the primary wall of our break room. We appreciate the inviting atmosphere and openness that comes with having a glass wall. We also have similar layouts with glass modular walls in our Austin, TX facility, as well as our Goodlettsville, TN office.

Our glass walls are also a great fit for offices. They come with all the same benefits of style and openness, and they can incorporate our doors and other walls.

Like all of our modular walls, our glass walls give the option to create a solution that is just the right fit for your facility. With options for window type, wall size, and raceways, our glass walls can’t be beat!

Want to learn more about modular construction and our glass walls? You can visit our website, or feel free to give us a call at 888-836-7850.