We serve many clients who have an added level of security at their facility. Our clients range from military bases to companies of all sizes where security is of the utmost importance. We’ve created several solutions for these companies, and they continue to be some of our most popular products.

We’ve developed a full lineup of guardhouses and security enclosures that are designed with our proven modular construction. Using our modular wall system, we’ve created guardhouses for companies of all sizes with the customization and dependability that make our products stand out.

Our standard guardhouses serve the same function as those types of security buildings you’ve seen on the entrance and perimeter of many different types of business. From these guardhouses your security personnel have a comfortable place to work.

Allied’s guardhouses are built to order and customized with a variety of features. We have options for climate control (heating and cooling), as well as the ability to add flooring, lighting, and different types of lighting. On the exterior of the guardhouse we have a wide variety of colors to choose from, as well as options for doors.

In addition to our standard types of guardhouses, we also have a wide variety of specialized solutions. We have created a very unique mobile guardhouse which is built on a platform with wheels. These mobile guardhouses can easily be towed and moved to a temporary location or simply at different locations at your facility.

We also offer smaller guardhouses that are commonly referred to as parking lot attendant booths or information booths. These booths are constructed using our same high quality and durable wall system as our guardhouses but are smaller in size. These modular structures are designed to be used by a single staff member.

Whether you are looking for a large guardhouse or a small parking lot attendant booth, we have a solution that is perfect for you. Call us today at 888-836-7850 to learn more!