The past 25 years have taught us a lot of lessons. Creating a product that can be used across all industries in businesses of all sizes isn’t easy. We stand behind our modular systems, and they have been used in thousands of projects over all these years.

The modular walls are the foundation of all of our products. On their own they can stand as a partition wall. These walls are used to maximize space and can separate a large open area like a warehouse or production facility. Many of our customers have used these walls to separate production floors from packaging areas or processes.

We took what was commonplace in construction for years and changed the process of building to make it better for the environment, a faster process, and have it be a much cleaner installation. We shifted this process by taking most of the hard work and conducting it in our facilities instead of on the job site. That means the work that is done at your facility is simply a matter of installing the walls that we already completed at our facility.

A few members of our installation team can get the work done quickly without all the headache you’d find with typical building methods. This means your project is completed quickly, and it won’t have all the distraction and disruption you’d typically find on a construction site.

The beauty of the modular wall system is that they can be used for so much more than just walls; they are a building system. We use these walls to create unique solutions for our customers. With all of our products we offer customization options to create the best solution for your facility. We have a wide color palette to choose from, different wall thicknesses, windows, doors, and a host of other options to pick from.

Our prefab wall systems can be crafted into guardhouses, modular offices, two- story buildings, conference rooms, shipping facilities, and a host of other structures. The applications for modular construction are nearly endless, and they are a great way to maximize space and additional organization to your facility.

Would you like to learn more about how this process works? Our website has a wealth of information about our different products and options. You can also reach us via phone at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our knowledgeable design managers.