Most people are familiar with the term modular walls. This often refers to a portable wall or a way to easily add a wall where there wasn’t one before.

You can use modular walls in many different kinds of environments, be it a manufacturing facility or even a modern office. These walls provide a customized solution that are perfect for your facility.

So why would modular walls be the preferred choice over conventionally built walls? Well, there are many reasons to love modular, and all of them take the headache out of the construction process.

First off, prefabricated walls are much easier to implement. These walls show up as a completed solution that is ready to be installed. Other types of walls require all the raw materials to show up at the build site. This means a stack of lumber, drywall, paint and everything that goes with that shows up at your facility. On top of that are teams of specialized workers that are tasked with those building phases.

Modular walls are built within a factory which completely eliminates that pile of materials, as well as a host of construction specialists all showing up at your facility. Instead, the walls are transported from our factory to your install site where they are installed in only a fraction of the time it would take to do all that traditional construction.

Modular walls aren’t just partitions or a means to divide up space; they can also be used as a complete building system. When several modular walls are used together, they can be customized to form an office, conference room, guardhouse, or all sorts of other types of structures.

We offer many customizable solutions to create walls that are unique to your applications. Are you looking for stylish walls fit for an executive? Perhaps you need walls that are very durable and will be out on a production floor. We’ve got solutions for both of those, as well as everything in between.

Please visit our website to see our full listing of modular products and the ways they can benefit your facility. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-836-7850.