We offer prewired raceways

For your convenience, we provide several electrical options for our modular buildings. Our hollow raceways which form part of the framing for our modular walls can house all sorts of electrical components, such as phone and data lines, AV jacks, power outlets, light switches, and even power-saving motion sensors for lighting. Our raceways are easily accessible with removable covers in case of removals, installations, or maintenance.

We provide blank raceways in case you have your own project in mind, and we also provide pre-wiring services for your convenience. We can provide modular electrical systems for ease of use and prewired conduits and electrical boxes to house your electrical.

Our raceways are also UL approved. The Underwriters Laboratory is a certification organization that rigorously tests products for safety. UL approval is a coveted badge of confidence on electronic products, and our walls are UL approved. You can be sure of their quality, and most important of all, their safety.

So to give you an idea of the big picture and how convenient modular construction is, we’ll summarize the general process. You come to us with a project in mind and we work with you in designing the perfect building to fit your needs. We manufacture all of the components needed to build your building and then ship the components to your build site. Then all of the components are quickly and cleanly installed. The framing that holds the modular wall panels together are actually hollow raceways, where all sorts of electrical wiring can be added, such as power and data. Your modular building is installed on the spot and ready to go complete with lighting, wiring, and whatever else you need to carry out your business. A great way to do construction!