As the industry’s leader in modular construction, we are thankful for the opportunities we have to work with our customers. They often come to us looking for a solution for their problems. We consider it an honor to be providing that solution for the last 25 years.

Although our solutions are incredibly diverse and custom made for our customers, one solution is by far more popular than the rest;, our modular offices. Modular offices come in many shapes and sizes, but generally fall into a few separate categories.

The first type of modular office is our in-plant office. These offices are called this because they are found in the “plant.” Most plants, warehouses, machine shops and the like are a great place for equipment and manufacturing. Unfortunately, these large spaces don’t have an office.

As you are well aware, offices serve many vital functions such as handling admin work, taking phone calls, and keeping a supervisory eye on the facility. We offer several key features that allow these in- plant offices to operate in these types of environments.

Our modular wall systems that are used to build these walls are incredibly durable. They are easily cleaned and require nearly zero work to maintain. Furthermore, our walls offer superior sound insulation and are available with windows, doors and other accessories.

We also offer many other kinds of offices. Depending on the style and feel you are looking for, we can create anything from high class executive offices to partition walls to create simple workspaces. The sky is the limit, and these offices are customized with the colors and wall thickness to create the office that is perfect for your facility.

Would you like to learn more about our modular offices? Visit our website to see the many different kinds of offices and accessories. You can also call us at 888-836-7850.