When we look back at the past 25 years we’ve been doing business we have a whole lot to be thankful for. Allied Modular started the company with a single employee and a truck and has now expanded to three locations across the United States and serves customers around the world. Whether we’ve done business with you in the past or you will be one of our future customers, we’d like to share a little bit about our company.

1. Proudly Made In the USA
We have a diverse product catalog with many different modern modular solutions, and we can proudly say that all of our products are made here in the United States. We currently have three production facilities: Orange, CA, Goodlettsville, TN, and our newest facility Austin, TX. These facilities are signs of our company’s continued growth and allows us to create jobs that serve local economies as well as our economy as a nation.

2. A Trusted Process
As technology has progressed, we have developed additional tools to communicate with our customers throughout the entire process. The order process starts with our expert team of Design Managers who help our customers through the entire project every step of the way. We’ve worked on easy projects that may only involve a few walls that are easily installed. Other projects are more complex and require working with various building codes, unique circumstances specific to where the structure will be installed, or even some very large scale projects at multiple facilities.

Our Design Managers worked with our skilled CAD team as well as our Project Coordination team who help connect all the dots and make sure all the details, small and large, are properly tended to. We’ve worked with thousands and thousands of satisfied customers over the years which has helped us refine our process to successfully provide them with solutions that are implemented quickly and efficiently.

3. Continued Innovation
Modular construction often has a difficult stereotype to overcome. People often associate it with inexpensive homes, lacking in aesthetics, and not being very durable. All of those statements are in fact myths, and our continued innovation at Allied Modular has allowed us to overcome these things.

We’ve led the way in modular by creating some amazing looking workspaces with a wide array of colors and accessories that not only look amazing but are also highly functional. We created offices that are easily fit for an executive or a stunning front lobby.

In conclusion, we are so thankful for how much we’ve grown as a company and look forward to a big and bright future for modular construction. Be sure to visit our website which shows off our large product offering or call us at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our talented Design Managers