When the term “work place safety” gets used, most people think it has to do with making sure employees are wearing the proper protective clothing or are following a list of procedures. While that is part of workplace safety, there is also something to be said for keeping the actual workplace safe.

There are numerous ways to keep an office or workplace safe, but one of the easiest methods is to use a guardhouse. Oftentimes called a guard shack or security enclosure, the structures provide a place for security personnel to operate from.

Each business is a little bit different, but from this guardhouse, the security staff can check in guests, receive shipments, and even greet customers and employees as they show up on site. Guardhouses are typically placed at the entrance or exit of a facility and provide a very easy means to keep an eye on the whole facility.

At Allied Modular we’ve been creating high quality guardhouses for over 25 years. Like all of our products, we have created numerous options for customization. We’ve taken our popular modular wall systems and used them to fabricate modular guardhouses.

Creating a guardhouse solution for your facility is actually easy. The first step is to determine the size. This could be a much smaller structure if your guardhouse will only need to have room for one or two employees to work at or a much larger structure if it will house several employees.

Next, you can choose options to customize the guardhouse to the needs of your business. Our options include wall color and thickness, lighting (interior and exterior), doors, windows, and a host of other accessories.

We provide complete turnkey solutions for guardhouses. We fabricate the guardhouses here in the US at our factories and then send them to you directly. Installation is quite easy; it is simply a matter of placing the guardhouse where you want it!

Guardhouses provide a safer place to work by providing a visual deterrent to crime, theft, and intrusion. Having a security presence on site makes the workplace feel safer for employees and any customers, vendors or guests who visit the business.

Want to learn more about our guardhouse options? Our website has pictures and details about our different types of guardhouses and customizable options. You can also call us at 888-836-7850.