From simple to extravagant!

Allied Modular has worked diligently to create a system that not only looks amazing, but also remains a cost effective solution. We’ve focused our efforts to produce an extravagant design that is beyond the norm of traditional modular construction and easily fit for executive level conference rooms, coffee bars, executive offices and much, much more.

Those familiar with modular construction enjoy that it is built quickly and a cost effective solution to expansion or maximization of space. Although, modular excels in these benefits, it isn’t typically known for being extravagant or aesthetically pleasing. Allied Modular has developed and created a brilliant and modern style that is easily suitable for the executive level of a company.

Choosing the style that is right for you is of paramount importance. Knowing your tastes, colors, styles, and fabrics in addition to understanding your likes or dislikes of furniture makes a tremendous difference. Whether its modern industrial, colonial, traditional or any other sort of designed our modular wall systems can be integrated to fit your color scheme and style. Contact us today to learn more about our new designs!

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