Stone Brewing

Allied Modular was pleased to work with Stone Brewing on a recent building project. Stone Brewing Company has been producing quality craft beers since 1996. Stone has their headquarters in Escondido, California, on a beautiful location that boasts a brewing facility, restaurant and large outdoor garden. In addition to creating fine beers, Stone is committed to being a green company, and much of the brewery is powered via solar power; and they recycle water.

Furthermore, their farm-to-table restaurant uses local and regional produce that is also organic. Stone had a section of one of their warehouses that wasn’t being used near some old dock doors. We worked with Stone to transform this space into a usable work area with locker rooms and an office. Since the majority of our construction takes place off-site, the onsite assembly happens incredibly quickly. We were able to install the offices and dressing rooms in only four hours. This meant no construction delays or downtime in their facility.

“Everything was fabricated before it got here onsite; it just took a few hours and didn’t take up any production time. There were no dust or construction delays, and the process went very smoothly and very fast”, said Brian Bishop, Operations Manager at Stone Brewing. He continued, “We felt that the walls really fit our green image and really work well with the things we believe in.”

What makes Allied Modular’s products unique is that they are environmentally friendly. Our modular walls systems offer the flexibility to be moved, reconfigured or recycled. Additionally, all of our products are made in a facility that uses sustainable materials and recycles excess building materials like steel and aluminum.

Check out this amazing video, not only showing off Stone’s beautiful Escondido location, but also our lightning fast construction.

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