Tips On Construction Safety

Construction sites can be dangerous places. There is a lot of heavy equipment, workers, and power tools that are all used concurrently. By adhering to some common sense safety guidelines, you can help make sure construction site is safe for everyone.

In a recent report, OSHA sited their top ten most frequently sited standards:

10. Machine Guarding

9. Electrical Systems Design

8. Ladders

7. Powered Industrial Trucks

6. Electrical Wiring

5. Lockout – Tag out

4. Respiratory Protection

3. Hazard Communication

2. Fall Protection

1. Scaffolding

There are several ways to combat these hazards. The first and one of the easiest ways is to take the online OSHA classes. The 10 hour construction outreach training course extensively covers safety in many construction scenarios. The other easy way to fight against construction site hazards is to observe the construction site and understand the potential hazards that may be associated with the site.

Often times construction sites are busy places, and by stopping and taking time to examine the site and the areas in which you and others will be working, you can avoid potential accidents. Each construction site should also have a site specific health and safety plan which details how to handle safety issues. If you need assistance with the plans, OSHA has software that will help you create a health and safety plan.

Lastly, safety often comes down to the individual worker. It is also recommended that you have workers sign the health and safety plan to acknowledge that they understand and will abide by it. Workers should be properly trained on the equipment and tools that they will be using.

Remember that accidents can not only have devastating effects on workers, but can also result in fines, loss of jobs, and loss of time. Be sure to visit to stay up to date on the latest safety information and codes.