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Use our handy SpecBuilder to help compile a general list of all the options you would like for your project setup. The SpecBuilder makes it all easy. Once you're finished you'll receive an email that you can forward to colleagues for approval or print out for a closer look.
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Space Calculator

The following form provides two methods of calculating your office space needs. The first is based upon general rules of thumb. The second goes into greater detail and is more accurate. Using both methods will provide you with a range of your probable requirement. Please note, the results will be in usable square footage.
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Light Calculator

Find out the perfect amount of lamps to purchase for your space in order to meet proper illumination standards. Don't guess! Just plug-in a few numbers and voila! Try it out for yourself NOW!
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Feet to Inches Converter

This handy tool lets you convert feet to inches and from inches to feet. It's a very handy tool when you are planning space.
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Graph Planner

You can use this graph planner to provide a rough design, showing where all windows, doors and electrical will be located. This is always a great place to start putting your ideas down on paper. Print it out and start designing. If you would like some help with this please give one of our design personnel a call; we would love to help your ideas become reality.
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Why Allied Modular?

Find out why Allied Modular Building Systems should be your number one pick.
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We are Green!

Allied Modular Building Systems offers the greenest solutions for modular building and wall applications.
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We are Green! -
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