Construction Without All The Headaches: the Advantages of Modular Construction

For many years construction didn’t provide a lot of options in the way projects were completed. Most businesses would either work with a construction company or contractor, and the outcome was always the same. It typically takes a lot of raw materials and workers invading a job site. If the construction project is an addition or taking place at a facility where work is being done, this process can be incredibly invasive.

The onsite building process also comes with its own set of headaches with workers coming and going. Even if they aren’t intentionally intrusive, having people and equipment moving around for months on end is simply distracting. Furthermore, onsite construction typically comes with some kind of displacement. This means workers may need to be moved to a different office, or typically business productivity may need to be slowed down to accommodate the construction process.

modular construction
Single Story modular Office

Lastly, the biggest construction headache typically comes with change orders. A trick still used by many contractors today is to bid a project extremely low and then make up for it with endless change orders once the project is underway. On paper everything looks good, but the potential for endless change orders can make a building project very painful.

With these sorts of problems, a simple remodel, building expansion or even adding some off space to a warehouse can be much more complicated than it needs to be. There is a solution that not only solves these problems but also comes with some great additional benefits. Modular construction has been around for close to 100 years, and it has been growing very quickly in popularity over the past few years. Modular construction takes the entire building process and completes it in a way that is less intrusive, better for the environment, and completed very quickly.

How Does Modular Construction Work?

How does the process work? It starts by shifting where most of the work takes place. Modular construction does all the construction off site in a factory. This ensures a more streamlined process without the mess, workers and raw materials showing up on the build site.

The factory completes the components of the walls, building or structure and then does an inspection to make sure everything meets quality control standards. Once that process has been completed the items are then carefully packaged and loaded on to a flatbed truck.

Next the modular components are transported to the build site. Instead of taking months or years to finish, a skilled installation team can install a modular project in a matter of hours or days depending on the size of the project. This means that operations don’t need to stop during the installation process, and there isn’t the typical disruption found with traditional construction.

Would you like to know how modular construction can help with your next project? Call us today at 1-888-836-7850 to learn more about how modular construction can save your company time and money.

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