Machine Enclosures

By MachineEnclosure.com, an Allied Modular Company

By isolating your machines, you reduce the rejection rates. Providing a consistent environment for your machinery reduces the overall maintenance costs inherent in a dirty machine shop. By providing a machine enclosure or room around your machinery your customer knows that you understand quality.

CNC Enclosures

By isolating some crucial CNC processes, rejection rates can be reduced and sometimes eliminated. Storing your raw material inside the same enclosure that occupies your CNC machine is recommended for tight tolerance processes. Explore our CNC enclosure solutions now.

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Laser Rooms

Machine Enclosure.com Laser Rooms are built using the same modular building systems we’ve perfected for over 25 years. Our modular laser rooms can be built around your lasers and other equipment without any mess or disruption.

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CMM Enclosures

Machine Enclosure.com has created many specific types of modular enclosures to ensure machinery is operating within optimal conditions. Our Coordinate Measuring Machines, or CMM enclosures are installed very quickly without any down time.

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EDM Enclosures

Electronic discharge machines (EDM) typically require a controlled environment that is clean and at a constant temperature to prevent the expansion and contraction of the parts. Isolating this process can dramatically lower rejection rates. Explore our EDM enclosure solutions now.

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Pump Enclosures

Housing your fire suppression and water pumps is crucial to the longevity of your equipment. Adding heat or air conditioning will enable all your digital monitoring devices to operate without failure. Explore our pump enclosure solutions now.

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Print Enclosures

Printers require a consistently clean environment to produce excellent results. Whether it’s to manage humidity, temperature, or cleanliness we can design an enclosure to suit your needs. Explore our print enclosure solutions now.

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RFID Enclosures

Using our modular RFID enclosure, you can start tracking all of your assets in days rather than weeks. Our manufacturing and installation is about 80% faster and less messy that traditional construction. Explore our RFID enclosures now.

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Automated Machinery

We design & build enclosures for any automated machinery process. No matter the industry, we will work with you to improve the process or meet any regulatory requirements. Explore automated machinery solutions now.

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More on Machine Enclosures

Machine Enclosures from a Best-in-class ManufacturerWe can manufacture units for virtually any application. We look at the overall throughput of your production to make sure the enclosure does not impede on your profitability. Most of the time there is no impact of downtime when adding this enclosure. These buildings can have built-in temperature controls to reduce or eliminate your rejection rate. Visit our specialized site at https://machineenclosure.com/ to learn more about our machine enclosure solutions.


For over 30 years, MachineEnclosure.com, a division of Allied Modular Building Systems, has been protecting the American workforce. MachineEnclosure.com specializes in delivering machine enclosure solutions to the nation’s top manufacturers. Our dedicated team of machine enclosure experts can help guide you through the modular machine enclosure process. From design to build, our skilled staff will make sure your enclosure project is designed to suit your unique needs and is installed painlessly. 

To learn more about MachineEnclosure.com, please click on the button below. As a top-rated manufacturer of modular office and modular building solutions, we have built a specialized website for that topic; use this website to explore modular office and modular building solutions, or reach out for a free evaluation and quote today.



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