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Modular Offices!

Single Story prefabricated in-plant offices are a great addition to large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. For many large warehouses and production facilities, modular in-plant offices are a necessity for business. Modular single-story in-plant offices provide a place to conduct administrative work and a means to maximize space. Designed to transform unused space, in-plant modular offices are a great way to add usable office space to your facility.

In addition to our standard customization options of wall colors and finishes, our in-plant offices have some extra features that enhance their functionality in the warehouse-type environment. Our modular prefabricated in-plant offices can be equipped with a steel base with forklift pockets, which provides the flexibility to move the office very easily.

Allied Modular is dedicated to creating modular products that will allow you to maximize space and not be hindered by the typical headaches, downtime, and mess that is found with conventional methods of construction.

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