What is a Pump House? The Basics

Ninety percent of Americans are served by public drinking water systems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This means that these systems provide drinking water to almost 300 million Americans. In many of them, an important structure called a pump house encloses heavy machinery such as pumps, motors, and control panels.

What is a Pump House?

A pump house is a structure used to store and safeguard control systems and pumping equipment. In addition to managing the water supply for residences and commercial buildings, they also assist irrigation systems in agriculture by supplying the required water flow for crops, support fire prevention systems by ensuring a consistent water supply, and can be involved in other processes like wastewater management and flood control.

Parts of a Pump House

In a pump house, the pumps and motors act as the heart of the system, moving water throughout it. Control systems regulate the functioning of the pumps. Piping and valves direct and control the water flow, and electrical systems power the equipment. Traditionally built or modular walls enclose and protect the pump house.

Benefits of Modular Pump Houses

Modular pump houses provide numerous benefits over traditional construction. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Low Cost

Modular pump houses lower costs by reducing both construction time and labor expenses. Building them in a factory environment allows better resource management and minimizes waste.

Quick Construction

Construction proceeds significantly faster than traditional methods. Workers can assemble and make modular pump houses operational in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional structures.


Modular pump houses offer extreme flexibility, allowing easy expansion or relocation if needed. You can customize their design to meet specific requirements and regulations, and adapt them to various site conditions.

The Bottom Line

In summary, pump houses are important structures in water management systems that provide reliable operation and protection for pumping equipment. Modular construction offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, speed, and flexibility, which makes it the perfect choice for modern pump house projects. 

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