Allied Modular, a Best-in-Class Modular Office Company, Announce New Post on the Advantages of Modular Construction Across Industries

Los Angeles, California – November 29, 2022. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class modular construction and modular office company is proud to announce a new post on “going modular.”  modular office companyAs the post explains, modular construction can help companies evolve with growing trends and new directions. If business leaders need to reduce property inventory or create more thoughtful, more affordable workspaces, modular technology is often the answer.

“Modular construction is a great alternative to traditional construction, especially for how business is changing today,” explained Kevin Peithman, CEO. “If a company is either upsizing or downsizing, the best and most price-friendly use of space can include ‘going modular’. Our modular construction experts are ready to help evaluate business options.”

Business leaders ready to review the new post can go to (https://alliedmodular.com/modular-buildings/). The modular construction company designs and builds modular rooms for various corporate needs. Options can include standard-size spaces such as conference rooms, guard houses, training rooms, storage areas, and even so-called “office pods“. Allied Modular can help custom-make an enclosure for specific needs such as a cleanroom or multi-use space.
Modular buildings can come in various materials and include features such as windows, internal storage, and locker rooms. Manufacturing businesses can reach out to the modular office company for modular units like vision towers, control rooms, team centers, dark rooms, and break rooms and even “machine enclosures” (https://machineenclosure.com/).

One of the more interesting applications is “modular cleanrooms.” Industry leaders in biotech, pharmaceutical, microchip, and other businesses needing cleanrooms can visit https://alliedcleanrooms.com/.to learn more. That company – part of the Allied Modular family – is a best-in-class cleanroom manufacturer, and its installations have occurred in a variety of industries and a variety of states.


Here is the background on this release. As industry size fluctuates, so can the type of space companies need. A corporation that is downsizing and closing offices may require new, affordable workspaces to integrate employees into one existing building. So might one that is expanding or changing. A manufacturer given the duty of training employees for new tasks could benefit from a sound-proof computer lab or learning room. A USA-based modular construction company can help evolving businesses keep up with new demands by delivering the right manufactured modular space.


Allied Modular Building Systems is a leading supplier of various prefab modular buildings, wall partitions, and enclosures. The business serves schools, pharmaceuticals, biotech, manufacturing, and other companies nationwide. Modular room solutions can include; classrooms, server control rooms, dry rooms, on-site construction offices, sound-proof work pods, machine enclosures, and security guard rooms. Allied Modular Systems’ top-rated manufacturing technology has bested the industry for over thirty years. Allied Modular supplies machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, and ISO-compliant cleanrooms with partner companies. The USA-based company can design, build, deliver and install custom-made modular rooms for various needs.

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