CNC Enclosures

As the nation’s largest manufacturer of modular buildings, offices, and other modular products, we take pride in our wide variety of products. We are continually innovating new products and services to help our clients. We face many unique challenges, and our customers have asked us to provide solutions. In addition to our popular product line of modular offices, guardhouses, and partition walls, we’ve also used our modular building systems for other products. Many of our customers work in production facilities, machine shops and similar workspaces, and they needed a way to protect their CNC machines.

Our modular equipment enclosures are tailor made for CNC machines. We use our same durable wall system that we’ve used with our products and placed them around CNC machines. What makes our system unique is the fact that we can build our enclosures right around the machinery.CNC Enclosure

Additionally, our modular building process makes for an easy installation. Unlike traditional construction methods, our modular walls are built offsite and installed at the job site. This means there is zero downtime and no mess at your facility. As a top-rated manufacturer of modular offices and buildings, our engineering team is ready to work with you on a unique project. There are numerous benefits that come with our modular enclosures. First and foremost, our modular walls add an additional layer of protection for your CNC’s. You can also add a locking door on the outside.

The modular walls also allow the CNC machinery to operate under optimal conditions. This is achieved through maintaining an optimal temperature, as well as keeping out dust and other contaminants. Our CNC enclosures are made in the USA using high quality materials. Want to learn more about our enclosures? Give us a call at 1-888-836-7850.

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