CNC Machine Enclosures

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Modular construction has been our specialty for the past 25 years. We are without a doubt an industry leader, and we make products that help businesses succeed. We are proud of the products that we create and the ease of construction and flexibility that is provided to our customers.

We’ve found that our modular wall system is good for far more than managing space, creating modular offices, and two- story structures. One of the more unique products in our lineup is our machine enclosures.cnc enclosure

Using the same durable modular wall system, we’ve created an enclosure to house heavy machinery and equipment. Although it can be used with a wide variety of devices from printers to pumps, it is most commonly found with CNC machines.

Made in the USA and Top Quality

Just like all of our standard modular products, installation for our CNC enclosures is very easy. We fabricate all the components of the enclosures at one of our three modular production facilities in either Orange, CA, Nashville, TN or Austin, TX. We ship the product to you where installation happens onsite. No need to move the CNC equipment because our walls are installed around the equipment.

CNC enclosures help protect your equipment by securing the area and providing a defense against vehicle or forklift accidents. The room also can keep out dust and contaminants by allowing the machinery to operate under optimal conditions.

Learn More about CNC and Machine Enclosure Solutions

Would you like to learn more about our CNC enclosures? Visit our website or call us at 1-888-836-7850.

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