How to Create a Productive Workplaces: Modular Offices Give You the Best of Both Worlds

Let’s be honest.

Most people don’t enjoying coming to work. A recent Harris Interactive survey for example, found that only 45% of Americans say they are either satisfied our extremely satisfied with their jobs. Strikingly, 21% are eager to change careers.

In addition, the United States Department of Labor published statistics that suggest U.S. productivity has slowed down since the Great Recession. Then there was the Pandemic and other COVID-related events such as supply chain problems; we’re hardly back to normal, and this turbulence might be called the “new normal.”

This means that employees are doing less work for the same hours.

Employee Well-Being = Higher Productivity

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills found that employee well-being and satisfaction are highly correlated to employee performance and productivity.

For decades, nobody cared about the employee experience. The power was with the employers. All they wanted was for people to show up and work. No one was focusing on designing the workplace using modern technology, or inspiring their workers, or making sure they were happy.

However, in response to this new problem, many executives and human resources departments are now narrowing their sights on the employee experience. They contend that the employee experience is as valuable or more than customer experience for a company’s profitability.

What is the employee experience?

Employee experience includes everything from the time of a job application all the way through to the moment he or she decides to leave a company.  Some large companies have even gone as far as rewriting their job descriptions and simplifying the marketing and legal lingo in favor of clearer diction. They do this to improve experience of the employee right at the front door.

What are some other ways to improve the employee experience and increase productivity?

Natural Light Improves Focus

A study by the Lightning Research Center discovered that natural light sharpens employee concentration. It found that people working in office space with windows spend 15% more time on work-related tasks than those without windows.

modular offices

61% Increase in Productivity for Well-Ventilated Workplaces

Good air has had a massive impact on worker performance. A study with researchers from Syracuse University and Harvard uncovered that when employees worked in well-ventilated office spaces, their productivity shot up by 61% and improved nearly 27% on cognitive tasks.

Modular Office Space Boosts Employee Productivity 

Many companies have started using prefabricated modular office technology to arrange their offices so that the employees benefit. Modular office spaces have aided businesses in increasing employee satisfaction through ergonomic design. With the re-usability and flexibility of modular office space, companies can adjust the design and panels of the walls with ease. Modular offices give you the “best of both worlds” – the best of the “open office” concept, plus the privacy and noise-proofing of modular offices or even office pods.

So, what does this mean?

Companies choose prefabricated modular office space because of their simple design and because of the efficiency in rearranging the workplace.

Not to mention the incredible return on investment for a building that can be transformed at will.

Allied Modular Building Systems is the industry leader in creating workable, efficient office spaces and work environments. No expensive architects needed, we provide a cost-free CAD design so that your modular wall system solution will meet the special design criteria for your office space.

Call us today to discuss how we can improve the quality of your workplace 1-888-836-7850.

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