Construction Done The Easy Way: Modular Construction

When most businesses are thinking about a remodel or upgrade, they don’t typically welcome the construction process. It can often feel like a balancing act with lots of headaches and hurdles. For many construction projects this is typically the case, but there is a different way of doing things.

What is the alternative to construction hassles everyone has faced? It is called modular construction, and here at Allied Modular we’ve been providing hassle- free modular solutions for over 25 years. How is this possible? We are experts in the process, and our products are revolutionizing the way businesses are completing construction projects.Modular Offices and Modular Building

Our modular solutions are expertly fabricated in the United States at one of our three factories. All of our facilities are committed to green manufacturing techniques and excess materials are recycled. Our fabrication methods allow for streamlined construction methods that do not waste raw materials like conventional methods of building.

The modular construction process is really quite simple and starts with identifying your needs and creating a custom solution. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, ranging from a single store front to billion-dollar corporations. Our solutions range from guardhouses to modular offices, to even multi-story structures.

Exceptional Modular Buildings and Modular Construction

What makes our products exceptional is the fact that they are customizable. Our panelized wall systems give you the flexibility and freedom to choose color, wall thickness and size, as well as choosing what kind of windows and doors and other accessories you would like to add.

Our modern modular solutions provide you with a unique structure, room or wall that was crafted specifically for the needs of your company. Best of all, our modular wall systems come with some unique tax benefits, and the walls can be moved or reconfigured at a later date.

Since the modular walls are fabricated at our facility, the amount of work that needs to take place on site is quite minimal. There is no need for patching, painting, or many of the other specialized trades that are typically required for a construction project. Our walls are shipped to your build site and then installed swiftly by our installation team.

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Would you like to learn more about how the modular building process can save your company from headaches, construction mess, and other construction hurdles? Visit our website to learn about the many different ways our modular construction can benefit your company, or you can give us a call at 1-888-836-7850.

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