Being as Green as We Can Be: Modular Technology and the Environment

We are living in an ever changing society, and there is a continuing shift toward a much more urban society. As society moves this direction, there is continued need for fresh produce and a means to grow it near major cities.

Outsourcing agriculture at distant farms is a means to provide the necessary fruits and vegetables, but it often comes with the cost of a much larger carbon footprint. Agriculture needs to be transported across long distances which uses more fossil fuels and comes at the cost of using other natural resources too. If agriculture can be created nearer to the cities, it can cut down on carbon footprints and provides numerous other benefits.ecofriendly modular building and modular construction

The big problem with densely populated areas is having the extra space for agriculture. Space is at a premium, and one of the unique ways that some urban planners are suggesting is to build upward. These vertical farms will not only make a better use of space, but also take advantage of using recycled materials.

Container Based Gardening Goes Modular

Shipping containers are frequently reused for many different activities ranging from simple storage to having the containers be completely retrofitted to be luxurious dwellings. Assembling these containers together in a modular fashion could prove to be an innovative and green way to create a vertical garden in the city.

Check out this article at Tree Hugger for images, but it looks like this plan is still a ways out from becoming a reality. Theoretically, if this style of agriculture works in New York City it could be replicated in large cities across the world.

As Green as We Can Be: Modular Construction

At Allied Modular we love hearing about green innovations like this and ways to keep carbon emissions down. We’ve taken pride in creating green solutions that allow our customers to not only maximize space but also use an effective green building solutions. Our contemporary modular style has been perfected over the past 25 years and has provided an easy way for our customers to save time and money. Modular technology increases efficiency and by being reconfigurable means it can save energy and components. You don’t have to reinvent the building each time;

We fabricate modular walls, buildings, and other components at our three U.S. based factories and send them to customers around the world. Modular construction is installed very quickly without all the downfalls found with traditional construction like dust, mess, intrusion and delays.

Would you like to learn more about the green modular building process? Call us at 1-888-836-7850 to speak with one of our design managers, or you can visit our website at https://alliedmodular.com for more information.

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