Allied Modular, a Best-in-Class Modular Office Company, Announce Dual Content for Cleanrooms

Orange, California – December 21, 2022. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class modular construction and modular office company is proud to announce dual content options for those seeking modular cleanroom options. Company leaders searching for several modular options or focused on cleanroom projects can find the best solutions easily on the Internet.cleanroom applications

“Businesses who reach out to us have many different needs. Sometimes they are searching for several modular solutions, including cleanrooms. Other times they only want to focus on reviewing the best modular cleanroom options,” explained Kevin Peithman, CEO. “We have two websites to help get them the information they need right away.”

Company decision-makers can find the option for cleanroom applications on the newly updated Allied Modular website at https://alliedmodular.com/clean-rooms/. Allied Modular is a U.S.-based company providing affordable, high-quality modular solutions to businesses from coast-to-coast. Modular solutions include office spaces, storage rooms, modular breakrooms, movable partitions and walls, and sound-proof workspaces.

Business leaders reviewing options for high-level cleanrooms can visit the company’s product-specific website, Allied Cleanrooms, at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/. Today’s cleanroom technology can handle the specific needs of any specialized clean-air environment. Options for highly-sanitized modular rooms include the following: research facilities, medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, nanotechnology companies, and the aerospace industry. Allied cleanrooms are designed to meet regulatory compliance, ISO standards, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

A cleanroom is an environment where the concentration of airborne particles is maintained to a specified limit per cubic foot or cubic meter. Advanced filtration and ventilation systems support air quality in a clean room. Interested persons can review the companys’ white paper on cleanroom technology at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/white-paper-clean-defined/. Finally, those interested in machine enclosures and office pods are encouraged to visit newly updated microsites on those topics.


Here is the background on this release. A company leader tasked with researching and procuring a cleanroom may find the project daunting. Cleanrooms are designed to create sanitized environments for work, such as building microprocessors or pharmaceutical development. Each type of sanitized space must meet regulatory ISO compliance standards. Sorting through regulations and specific requirements could take many hours. A professional and knowledgeable modular building team can help speed up the process. Experts in cleanroom applications can support the design, delivery, and installation of a professional cleanroom for any business need. Those looking for machine enclosures are encouraged to visit the newly updated microsite at https://machineenclosure.com/.


Allied Modular Building Systems is a leading supplier of various prefab modular buildings, wall partitions, and enclosures. The business serves schools, pharmaceuticals, biotech, manufacturing, and other companies nationwide. Modular room solutions can include; classrooms, server control rooms, dry rooms, on-site construction offices, sound-proof work pods, machine enclosures, and security guard rooms. Allied Modular Systems’ top-rated manufacturing technology has bested the industry for over thirty years. Allied Modular supplies machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, and ISO-compliant cleanrooms with partner companies. The USA-based company can design, build, deliver and install custom-made modular rooms for various needs.

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