The Best Guardhouse? One Built by the Best Guardhouse Manufacturer!

Allied Modular has been skillfully creating high quality modular guardhouses for over 25 years. We build all of our modular buildings right here at home, in the USA, in one of our three production facilities. Our modular building process is inherently green because we can recycle our excess materials, and there isn’t the heavy amount of construction waste that is generated through conventional building methods.

Our modular guardhouses are prefabricated in our warehouse with the options of your choosing. This means our guardhouses are made specifically for you based on the needs of your operation. We have options for various types of walls, colors, styles and finishes, as well as different types of windows and doors. Note that sometimes they are referred to not as “guardhouses” but as “security buildings” or even “security shacks.” Whatever you call them, they are a quick, cost-effective, modular solution when you need a “guardhouse” for security or other purposes.

Additionally, our guardhouses can be equipped with a forkliftable base for easy placement. We can also add other options for moving your guardhouse via crane, and we make a portable guardhouse that will reside on the back of a small trailer. Our portable guardhouses provide freedom and flexibility without breaking the bank.Guardhouse Manufacturer

The Functions of a Guardhouse

What does a guardhouse do for your facility? Guardhouses provide two essential functions, and first is providing a comfortable place for your security personnel. We do have options for heating and air conditioning which can keep your guards comfortable during rough weather.

Allied Modular’s guardhouses can also keep your facility safe. Simply having the guardhouse onsite provides a deterrent that can be seen by those wishing to bring harm to your facility. Guardhouses can prevent theft, intrusion, vandalism, and even loitering.

We’ve been privileged to create guardhouses that are used by major corporations around the world, as well as all branches of the U.S. military. Our guardhouses keep these places safe, and we know how important it is for guardhouses to be held to the highest standard of quality control.

Our guardhouses are available in many different sizes that are perfect for any type of company. Modular construction will ensure that your guardhouse is completed quickly and easily installed at your facility.

Working with Best-in-Class Modular Guardhouse Manufacturer

Do you have questions about guardhouses or aren’t sure which one is the best for your company? You can visit the guardhouse section of our website to browse our different types of guardhouses, and you can see the many options and accessories that are available. You can also give us a call at 1-888-836-7850 to speak with one of our skilled design managers.

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