An operational security booth.
How do properties protect themselves, deter crime, and at the same time control who enters and exits? The solution lies in a simple but effective structure: the guard shack. What is a Guard Shack? A guard shack is a compact, often prefabricated structure situated at the entrances of locations that require security or access control....
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A black, two-story modular office building in a warehouse.
Prefabricated buildings (sometimes called prefabs) have been a boon to the construction industry. They have reduced construction times, costs, and have greatly improved efficiency of products. While prefabricated buildings are not necessarily new (as they were popular in the 19th century, and were invented much before that), they are still undervalued as an economical and...
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July 30, 2022 – Los Angeles, California. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class manufacturer of modular offices and modular buildings is proud to announce a new page update. The new page highlights one specific type of modular building: the modular “guardhouse” or “security shack,” as they are called in common parlance.
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