The Best Guardhouses In The Industry Are Modular!

In addition to our incredibly popular modular offices and machine enclosures, we also offer an impressive line of guardhouses and security shacks. Although they go by many different names like guard booths, guard shacks, and security enclosures, they all do the same thing: keep your facility safe.

Allied Modular has been an industry leader for guardhouses for over 25 years. All of our products like security booths are made here in the United States using durable and high quality materials. We design our guardhouses to your specifications, which creates a custom solution that is unique to your business.

Highlights on Our Modular Solutions
guardhouse or security shack

Here are some highlights from our guardhouse offerings:

Mobile Security Units: Built upon a small trailer, these mobile security units can be placed virtually anywhere. Whether you use them at different places within your business or drive them out to the field, these mobile guardhouses are a great solution.

Parking Lot Attendant Booths: Each business has their own set of security needs, and for many businesses their security personnel operate from the parking lot. It is from here they can monitor vehicles and check in with guests.

Patriot Express Guard Houses: Some businesses have a need for a guardhouse that can be completed quickly, and our Patriot Express is a great option. Available in four different sizes and our Integra 400 wall system, these guardhouses can often ship in as little as ten days!

All of our guardhouses come with the added benefit of many customizable options. Does your business need a guardhouse? Visit our full selection of guardhouses on our website or call us at 1-888-836-7850. If you’re looking for a modular building partner that can provide guardhouses or security shacks at scale, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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