Versatile Modular Buildings: Modular Buildings the Fast, Easy, and Yet Custom Way

Over the past 25 years we’ve been given some many unique and wonderful opportunities to work with customers around the world. Each customer is a little bit different, and we have been able to create a handful of products that are designed to be scalable as well as incredibly functional based upon their requirements.

Many people have heard the term “modular buildings” but don’t really know the scope of this generalized term. Technically speaking, a building that is fabricated and built using modular construction is in fact a modular building. The truth of the matter is that modular buildings actually range quite significantly in size and in function.

Modular buildings can be as large as a two- story structure or as small as a guard house designed to handle a single person. These buildings are designed to be customized and can be tailored for very specific applications.

Many Types of Modular Buildings

Take for example some of the smaller modular buildings like our guardhouses or our parking attendant booths. These modular buildings are designed to be durable and highly functional. That means that they can withstand the elements and can be rated for wind and inclement weather. These structures can also make for a comfortable place for your employees, as they can be outfitted with heat and air conditioning units.

Additionally, these small modular buildings come in several different sizes. They can be suitable for a single employee or several. Like all of our modular products, we provide our customers with the ability to customize their projects. This means lots of colors to choose from as well as windows, doors and wall thicknesses.

On the other side of the spectrum we’ve created much larger modular structures. These modular buildings can even be multiple stories and can be used in many different kinds of environments. Some of our customers choose to add these modular buildings within existing warehouses to provide office and admin space. Other customers prefer to use modular buildings as free- standing structures which are then used as shipping and receiving offices, or even a break room.

In conclusion, our modular buildings are a cost effective solution that not only allow you to maximize, but also provide a customized solution. With lots of options of flexibility and functionality, modular buildings are the perfect solution for your facility. Visit our website to learn more about our modular building offerings or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-836-7850.

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