Allied Modular Announces Update to Information on Cleanrooms, including Allied Cleanrooms Website

July 26, 2022 – Los Angeles, California. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class manufacturer of modular offices and modular buildings is proud to announce new updates on the topic of “cleanrooms” both on its own website and on that of its subsidiary at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/. Cleanrooms have many uses across industry, and strong demand is encouraging companies to investigate modular cleanroom technology.Cleanrooms manufacturer.

“Corporate leaders tasked with designing a cleanroom could be in for months of overtime and challenges. Managing the staff and compliance issues may stall project deadlines. Our modular cleanroom technology changes all that,” explained Kevin Peithman, CEO. “We can design a customized cleanroom. We also handle the building delivery and installation within budget and on time. Our new online information helps decision-makers start the process.”

New content updates can be found as follows. First, on the Allied Modular Building Systems website, information on cleanrooms can be found at https://alliedmodular.com/clean-rooms/. Second, on the Allied Cleanrooms website it can be found at the home page at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/. Specific landing pages zero in on key information such as ‘hardwall cleanrooms‘, or USP 797 and USP 800 cleanrooms. In all cases, persons interested in exploring cleanroom technology including design, manufacture, and installation are encouraged to reach out to a specialist for a free estimate and quote. No two projects are the same, yet the company’s best-in-class modular building technology means that affordable cleanrooms can be achieved rapidly.

Indeed, modular technology may be the solution to quick, durable, and compliant cleanrooms that meet ISO 4, ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, and/or ISO 8 standards. The company provides several modular systems or can customize-build a company cleanroom. Modular cleanrooms may include lab-testing, biotech, or hazardous material storage. Modular safety rooms include machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, pump enclosures, and modular print rooms.

Indeed, interested persons can review the machine enclosure site to learn more at https://machineenclosure.com/. Decision-makers struggling with the “open office” concept or warehouse issues may find the company’s Zonez website to be highly appropriate.


Here is the background on this release. ISO standards for company cleanrooms may be strictly reviewed and enforced. A corporate leader tasked with managing the design and build of a cleanroom may be searching for turn-key answers to get the job done right and on time. Finding a team familiar with the high standards of cleanrooms may be the first step to success. For these reasons, Allied Modular and Allied Cleanrooms announces a new page update to help business leaders find solutions to building machine enclosures, office pods, and cleanrooms that meet class 10 to class 100,000 ISO standards. Speaking to industry experts about prefab solutions to modular spaces could end in a turn-key, ISO compliant cleanroom.


Allied Modular Building Systems is a leading supplier of prefab modular buildings, wall partitions, and enclosures of various types. The business serves schools and companies nationwide with modular room solutions such as; classrooms, server control rooms, dry rooms, on-site construction offices, sound-proof work pods, machine enclosures, and security guard rooms. Allied Modular Systems’ top-rated manufacturing technology has bested the industry for over thirty years. Allied Modular supplies machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, and ISO-compliant cleanrooms with partner companies.

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