Allied Modular Announces Updated Page Content Ranging from Partitions to Cleanrooms

Los Angeles, California – August 31, 2022. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class manufacturer of modular offices and buildings is proud to announce new updates to its “modular partitions” and “walls” pages as well as its cleanroom subsidiary website at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/. partitions, modular partitions, partitions for offices and warehousesStable yet movable partitions for offices and warehouses may be the right solution for workspace challenges; best-in-class modular clean room technology can meet time and budget constraints.

“We’ve been providing modular partitions and rooms for several decades now. We can provide complete modular construction solutions up to and even including clean rooms that meet ISO standards,” explained Kevin Peithman, CEO. “Our flexible wall partitions help redesign an office or manufacturing space to help companies keep up with the latest changes. The key is to work with our sales representatives to establish design and budget parameters that work best.”

Individuals can find the newly updated pages for modular partitions at https://alliedmodular.com/partitions-walls/. Companies may need to find easy-to-rearrange wall dividers to organize large spaces more efficiently. The company provides modular partitions for offices and warehouses to help manage workspaces. Various working environments, including classrooms, architecture, scientific, and finance, can benefit from demountable wall systems. Modular partitions allow areas to be divided and subdivided quickly and affordably. Applied Modular provides modular systems and pre-fabricated construction solutions for U.S. businesses and overseas.
The company has three main modular manufacturing sites in California, Texas, and Tennessee. Allied Modular can design, build, deliver and assemble modular partitions and rooms. Business leaders ready to find modular cleanrooms for biotech, and pharmaceutical, etc., can review options at the Allied Cleanrooms website at https://alliedcleanrooms.com. The company subsidiary, Zonez, for example focuses on sound-proof, movable office pods to retain flexibility in a work environment. Business leaders searching for pre-made durable rooms such as CMM, EDM, and CNC machine enclosures can visit the topic-specific site at https://machineenclosure.com/.


Here is the background on this release. The American economy may have ups and downs, yet the ever-changing business landscape demands that leaders quickly adjust to change. Company growth and goals may require new workspaces such as employee cubes and break-out rooms. A modular partition can rearrange an ample space to accommodate new needs. Prefabricated modular partitions can help companies change spaces to add new work cubes, breakrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms. Allied Modular announces an update to the modular partitions pages for these reasons. Modular partitions for offices and warehouses can adjust spaces fast as business leaders manage growth and new company expectations.


Allied Modular Building Systems is a leading supplier of various types of prefab modular buildings, wall partitions, and enclosures. The business serves schools and companies nationwide with modular room solutions such as; classrooms, server control rooms, dry rooms, on-site construction offices, sound-proof work pods, machine enclosures, and security guard rooms. Allied Modular Systems’ top-rated manufacturing technology has bested the industry for over thirty years. Allied Modular supplies machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, and ISO-compliant cleanrooms with partner companies.

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