Inexpensive Full-Height Partitions? Go Modular!

Looking to furnish an office space, or partition out an office building or warehouse office? You might be thinking of all of the remodeling and dry wall work and messy construction, not to mention dealing with a bunch of contractors, and dreading the task ahead of you.

Or you can consider modular full height partitions, which really are not as expensive as you think.

Full height partitions are generally modular wall panels that can be mounted to floors and ceilings within an office space. These panels aren’t invasive, they simple bolt into floors and ceilings of your choice and can be easily removed. No alterations of the existing infrastructure are required. Installation is quick, painless, and most of all, clean.Modular war and modular partitions

No Reason to Deal with Contractors

And no there’s no reason to deal with contractors! Allied Modular provides a full design-build service, complete with the necessary accessories to make your partitioned offices fully functional: doors and their respective hardware, windows, power and data outlets complete with accompanying wiring, necessary lighting, you name it. Our design department works with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the office layout with the functionality you need. Indeed, we can even provide fully modular offices and other modular solutions, such as modular mezzanines and other industry-specific features.

We then manufacture the modular walls in our facility and ship them to your office to be installed promptly. No hard construction or resulting messes to worry about! Best of all, our full height partitions are affordable.

Get a Customized Quote on Modular Construction

Before you go calling up contractors to tear up your office space, possibly causing downtime and lost business, and the headaches that go with those inconveniences, consider modular full height partitions. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to partition an office with today’s technology.

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