Modular Construction: A Green Solution

We live an era of environmental conciseness, where extra thought is put into sustainability and resources used on the construction site. Often times this can be a difficult process with lots of time and energy devoted toward creating a “green” solution.

Modular construction offers many unique features that are inherently green. It starts with a reduced carbon footprint in how modular components are fabricated. Unlike traditional construction methods, modular components are built in a factory by highly trained workers. These walls are usually subject to high standards of quality as they need to be durable enough to be transported to the construction site. Additionally, modular walls are made much more efficiently with significantly less on site waste than traditional construction.ecofriendly modular building and modular construction

Did you know that modular construction is often completed 20% – 40% faster than traditional construction? This leads to a smaller carbon foot print and a wiser use of resources. Since the fabrication takes place off site, the on site work is done much quicker and with less disruption of the work environment.

Modular construction also offers a more efficient use of space. If your business operates in a large warehouse or factory, extra space can be outfitted and transformed into modular offices, conferences rooms, and other rooms quite easily. Modular gives you the flexibility to move these rooms or easily add on to them later. Furthermore, you can use your existing walls in conjunction with modular walls or create free standing structures.

So what is the best “green” benefit of modular construction? Modular construction offers some great tax advantages! Yes, that is a different kind of green, but still one of the many amazing benefits to modular construction. Remember to think green, and choose sustainable options for your next construction project.

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