guard house
Three modular trailer guardhouses by Allied Modular.
Allied Modular makes mobile guard shacks that are practical, easy to operate, and appropriate for a wide range of security applications. Here are eight reasons why they stand out as a top option for organizations looking for security solutions. 1. Portability One of their biggest benefits is their portability. We put them on compact trailers...
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Over the past 25 years we’ve been given some many unique and wonderful opportunities to work with customers around the world. Each customer is a little bit different, and we have been able to create a handful of products that are designed to be scalable as well as incredibly functional based upon their requirements. Many...
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In addition to our incredibly popular modular offices and machine enclosures, we also offer an impressive line of guardhouses and security shacks. Although they go by many different names like guard booths, guard shacks, and security enclosures, they all do the same thing: keep your facility safe.
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