An operational security booth.
How do properties protect themselves, deter crime, and at the same time control who enters and exits? The solution lies in a simple but effective structure: the guard shack. What is a Guard Shack? A guard shack is a compact, often prefabricated structure situated at the entrances of locations that require security or access control....
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Over the past 25 years we’ve been given some many unique and wonderful opportunities to work with customers around the world. Each customer is a little bit different, and we have been able to create a handful of products that are designed to be scalable as well as incredibly functional based upon their requirements. Many...
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Allied Modular has been skillfully creating high quality modular guardhouses for over 25 years. We build all of our modular buildings right here at home, in the USA, in one of our three production facilities. Our modular building process is inherently green because we can recycle our excess materials, and there isn’t the heavy amount...
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