Allied Modular Building Systems, a Top Modular Construction Company, Announces Update to Page on Modular Cleanroom Technology

Orange, California – November 1, 2022. Allied Modular Building Systems, a best-in-class modular construction company is proud to announce an upgrade to its information page on modular cleanroom technology. Corporate decision-makers searching for quick and professional answers to cleanroom technology can review the newly updated page. cleanroomModular cleanroom technology could be a flexible and easy alternative compared to the cost and work involved in building a cleanroom without the benefit of modern technology.

“We pride ourselves in meeting an individual company’s challenges to designing and constructing a cleanroom,” explained Kevin Peithman, CEO. “Our advanced modular technology can be designed to fit specific needs, no matter the circumstances. We enjoy serving the business community and providing the right solution to their cleanroom projects.”

In fact, modular technology is so important to the company that it maintains a subsidiary and separate website at https://alliedcleanrooms.com . Decision-makers can review the new updates to the information page at https://alliedcleanrooms.com/modular-hardwall-cleanrooms/. As the page explains, companies ready to add a new cleanroom may appreciate intelligent, affordable solutions. Modular cleanroom technology is often the best choice.

Allied Modular is a top cleanroom supplier and can help design, build and deliver a cleanroom to suit specific needs. Cleanrooms can be custom-made to meet regulatory compliance for; biohazard storage, scientific laboratories, medical testing rooms, and micro-processing rooms. Benefits to choosing a modular cleanroom can be budget-friendly complaint space delivered before a deadline. Interested persons can review even more information on cleanroom technology at https://alliedmodular.com/clean-rooms/. In addition, Allied Modular can provide office pods for different workspaces, including; airports, conference centers, healthcare and open-concept office spaces. Interested persons can learn more about meeting pods and private work enclosures via the Zonez website at https://zonez.com/office-pods/. Corporations searching for designing a manufacturing or machine enclosure room can review the topic-specific website at https://machineenclosure.com.


Here is the background on this release. Building a new cleanroom from the ground up may take months of planning and supervision. The executive hours and contractor costs could bring the final price over and above an expected budget. If a new office space plan includes adding an FDA-compliant cleanroom, the details may require extra time and effort from corporate leaders. A better answer could come from a top modular cleanroom supplier. A combination of modular technology and experience in cleanroom builds could help reduce costs and time. An expert familiar with various requirements for ISO-class cleanrooms can help design, build and deliver the fitting modular room for specific needs.


Allied Modular Building Systems is a best-in-class modular building manufacturer. The company is a prefab supplier not just of modular buildings but also of modular offices, modular enclosures, and partitions and walls for manufacturing, offices, commercial, and even schools. From modular warehouses to retail walls, guardhouses, and security shacks, to even mezzanines, its top-rated manufacturing technology has bested the industry for over thirty years. Allied Modular supplies machine enclosures, CNC enclosures, and cleanrooms with partner companies.

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